The healing properties of Ginger are countless!

16 proven ginger health benefits!

1. The drastic ingredients of ginger are efficient against all kinds of infections

2. The basic ingredient of ginger (called gingerole) is very efficient against inflammation of the gums, such as periodontal disease and the common inflammation of the gums

3. Ginger has in general an antiviral effect

4. Ginger is very efficient against nausea,vomiting and vertigo, (including the kinetic, postoperative, pharmaceutical morning uprising and dysmenorrhoeal types of vertigo)

5. Ginger has,in general,an anti-inflammation effect.

6. Ginger significantly improves the levels of blood sugar,and hence, decreases risk factors of heart diseases, for diabetics.

7. It effectively treats chronic indigestion

8. It is effective against the growth of “Helicobacter pylorum” which is considered as the main cause of Stomach Ulsers

9. It is helpfull against Alzheimer Disease

10. It significantly improves memory and functionality of the brain,in general

11. There are significant indications that the ingredients of Ginger ,and mainly Gingerole, have a competitive effect against various cancer cells. There are many clinical trials for the affect of Gingerole against Colon, Pangreas,ovaries and breast cancers

12. It drastically decreases triglycerides, cholesterol and LDL

13. It is supportive against osteoarthritis pains and hence,decreases the need for antirheumatic and analgesic medicines

14. It boosts the function of the circulatory system and increases the quantity of the produced semen and improves the motility of sperm cells

15. It prevents common flu and influenza and additionally boosts the Immune System

16. It is helpful for weight loss and for the “feeling of fullness”. It Is low in calories and decreases accumulation of fat by speeding up Metabolism.

Your food is your medicine
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